I'm practicing letting go of my idea of the perfect photo, to avoid missing the moment by getting caught up in making a technically "perfect" image. What has come to light is with a 1 year old, the moments pass so quickly, from a smile to a scowl to a fit in 2 seconds flat sometimes. And now fast isn't just about his emotions but the mph his little legs can carry him. I can't always make the image technically perfect, but it can be imperfect in the most wonderful way. I am lucky I have a nice camera and know how to use it to make beautiful images, years of practice with that thing have gotten me here. But sometimes it's a hinderance. Physically and mentally. Not every moment is picture perfect, it's a struggle when I know there is a better spot for an photo or a better time of day. But the reality is, life isn't about the perfect light at the perfect time of day. There's a time and place for a really great photo session! But you can't put great moments on hold or ask them to repeat or happen later. But what I can do is let go of an ideal and embrace what's truly important. I don't want the moment to be about the photograph, I want the photograph to reflect the moment.  

     Instead of remembering how his sweet smile turned to annoyance as I moved him away from what was making him happy to find "better light",  I'll remember how the sun was hot that day and I steered him into the shade when he wandered too long in the sun. I'll remember the dappled light and how it caught the blue of his eye now and again and that they glowed like fire before they turned to take in more of his new surroundings. I'll not forget how my inner professional shook her head and pushed to find better light, while the momma trumped photographer and said let the babe be, he's having fun exploring. Because it's those moments when the light is all wrong for a perfectly exposed photo, but it's perfect to entice the babe to play with the dancing shadows or explore a flicker of light behind an old chair. When the moving glitter of sun catches the spiders web as the wind blows and catches his eye, and then inevitably the same web sticks to his fingers, these are the things I want to remember. His joy, his exploration, his -and my own- fascination in seeing the world brand new through his eyes. These are the moments I'll stop, sit back and watch him, attempt to compose an image and snap it regardless of the light. Because I think it's important to leave a legacy of photos but I'm learning to let my idea of perfection go, life moves so fast and so do little boys.

     So I put away my big camera for the everyday moments and downsized to a decent point and shoot. Something that won't bonk his sweet head as I lean down to pick him up or inhibit my interactions with him. Something I won't worry about stowed away in the diaper bag. Something that will help me be in the moment, capture a sliver of it and continue on. The momma in me is happy. And the photographer, excited. Excited for the challenge of simplicity, excited for the pressure from my inner perfectionist to be given a day pass. Excited to not have achy shoulders and neck after lugging my big camera around. So far it's been a blast. I've shot some of our An Extra*Ordinary Life series with the point and shoot. I have loved all the day to day I've been able to quickly photograph without interrupting the moment. Simplicity, paring down, going back to basics, these are things that I long for more than anything in my life right now. I guess this is a great place to start! 

Photo of Dixon, Ca



July 2014 Favorite

     Well June seems to have been missed in this Favorite series, whoops! And now it's the end of July, my how the weeks and months fly by lately. I kind of love these hydrangeas in all their dusky pale glory. Someday I will have a beautiful cottage garden that overflows with flowers like these. Until then I bask in the gardens of others and take cuttings away in the form of film. My little way of preserving a little piece of the perfection. Happy July! xoxo

Lately | July

     It's summer. And there's a new sheriff in town. His name is Jack. And at the moment our regularly scheduled summer program has been put on hold. I am trying to just let it ride and accept this summer may be a wash when it comes to tent camping and boating, our all time favorite summer pastimes. And remind myself that this time next year he will be one... omg ONE. But we've got time before that reality sets in. And by then I might start to feel like I have this +1 mini person in our life down...maybe. But I do know "they" say kids at that age can be on a boat and as of late I believe everything "they" say. However, I have a confession, "they" are the driving me crazy. Sometimes I just nod my head when I'm reading what "they" say to do and then do what works for us... shh don't tell "them". Because sometimes "they" save me when I am at a loss, I don't want to jinx myself or anything. ;) 

     Anyways. Since I am grounded on some level this summer I have been perusing the internet a lot ... Pinterest you devil, I love you. Instagram, my all time favorite companion. Bloglovin' keeps my blog obsession organized on some level. Our phones are a funny thing. Everything in this day and age we could ever need/want/dream of is basically at our fingertips. So because I have been a pinning/bookmarking fool and because I FINALLY found my Kindle charger and want to make sure I take note of a few of the things I'd like to read now that I've found it, I thought I'd share what I've been dreaming of doing, reading, seeing, listening to, etc. Lately....


I am usually a really fast reader. This summer I suspect I'll be a little slower, so while my GoodReads list is growing by the minute, I'll just share the top 3 books that are catching my eye right now!


Because let's face it I have been spending a lot of time on the couch, with Jack. Feeding him, burping him, just staring at him haha. Let me just say, for the record most of what I find on TV sucks haha. I find myself choosing what to watch on onDemand and Netflix. I have found a few shows I look forward to, but in general I have the TV on for noise/company and not content.

  • Crossbones - not sure the station or time it's on, I watch it on onDemand. It's new and interesting. Maybe not the BEST show I've seen but it'll do.
  • House of Cards - OMG. If I didn't like anything else on Netflix (I actually LOVE Netflix) I would have Netflix for this one series only. Kevin Spacey is amazing. As is the entire show & cast. I highly recommend this one. 
  • True Blood - The last season ever. It's my guilty pleasure and always has been haha. 
  • Fixer Uppers - HGTV. I just love everything about this show. The hosts, their (life)style, their design values. I kind of want to be them. I watch it over and over when there is a marathon on, even if I've seen the episode before, which is likely because they have only done one season so far. 
  • Game of Thrones - Ok really if you have HBO and haven't watched this, I have no words. It's good. Really good. Like I don't think of myself as someone who would get hooked on this kind of show, but seriously, it's really, really good. 


Beats Music is my jam lately. Because I have a free trial. But I like it! I also like Pandora and Spotify and iHeartRadio. They each have their own niche of how you can listen to music. I like variety.  Here are a few of my fave stations/albums/artists I've been listening to lately. 

  • Lana Del Rey 
  • Country Music... If I were to list all of my faves, I think I'd lose you after number 20. I just love country!
  • Of Monsters and Men
  • Amos Lee - one of my go to guys, I love his old and new stuff


I really have high hopes to do a few of these things on my Pinterest list this summer.

I hope you all are enjoying your summer!

Photo taken at Dillon Beach last year. Contax 645|Fuji 400H