An Extra*Ordinary Life Project - Still Life

Katie (L) Crystal (R)

Katie (L) Crystal (R)

     An Extra*Ordinary Life. I've always had a thing for word play. Extraordinary always seemed like such a silly word to me... stating something was exemplary, above the norm by calling it 'extra ordinary'. But really sometimes that's what life is, extra ordinary. We all have wonderful, stand out moments, but often the day to day is a routine that while satisfying, can be, well, nothing special. So this project celebrates those extra ordinary moments. Because there's beauty in everything we do, reward in the routine of hard work we put into our lives. And to take a moment of our time and think about those extra ordinary moments as something special, actually makes them special ... extraordinary really. 

     There are a few things that inspired this new, collaborative project into being. I often like to give myself projects to do, they don't usually amount to anything except to satisfy my need to be creatively busy. I also am a fan of two artists collaborating, in any medium. My dear friend Crystal and I often go out, cameras in tow, and talk about life and take photographs. We  pick somewhere scenic and typically do more talking than photographing. What so often amazes me about these outings is the different perspective we have being in the same location. I love it. We decided to join our efforts in a project that celebrates the ordinary. From our own unique perspectives and paces of our individual lives. Each week we have a theme or a guide. Most of the guides are pretty general, in order to make this project something that can be easily done in minutes OR be as elaborate as we want. We then share one image with each other and create a diptych.  I was totally inspired by the women who do the 3191 Miles Apart project. Crystal and I live in the same town and often get together in person, I think collaborating creatively with other people, near or far, is such a fun way to stretch our creative muscles!

To follow along we plan on posting to our own blogs on Wednesdays. We each will post a diptych. The order we decide it looks best may differ, so it may not be the same on each of our blogs! We also have an Instagram you can follow along as well!  

Find Crystal's Blog here: Crystal Lynn Collins  

Find our Instagram here: an_extra_ordinary_life

Thanks for following along!