An Extra*Ordinary Life Project - Backyard

Crystal  (L), Katie (R)

Crystal (L), Katie (R)

     Double project posts this week since I was out of town last week and away from a computer for 7 whole days!

     Each year our backyard gets better and better, I find gems everywhere I look. Sometimes things take a season to establish and then explode into a beautiful display, just like this echinacea that started in a little 4 inch pot a few years ago. If you're in the Solano County area, Morning Sun Herb Farm on Pleasant Valley Road has the best plants. I have nearly killed many of them by attempting to container grow them or by putting them in the wrong spot in my yard, only to plop them, barely hanging on, elsewhere in our yard more suitable to their needs (just to see what will happen) to have them take off like wildfire. There's a lot to be said for local growers! 

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