An Extra*Ordinary Life Project - Walk About

Katie (L),  Crystal  (R)

Katie (L), Crystal (R)

     Time escapes me, days run into each other and sometimes I am startled that a certain day has arrived. Such is the life of someone who works at home and stays at home with their little one... for me there are not many reasons to know the day or date! Taking classes has given me a little structure but long stretch of days in between often throw me off. So these past few weeks have been flying by and sneaking up on me at the same time. Our theme this week is a walk about, usually I take advantage of this as a major excuse to get out and go on a neighborhood adventure. But I found that harder to accomplish this week, especially since it gets dark by 5 these days! So I did a backyard walk about, looking up and beyond my own fence line. My very favorite part of living here that has nothing to do with our house is the neighbors orange tree, beautiful and bountiful in the fall and winter and so very fragrant in the spring. And I don't have to lift a finger for it's care or cleanup! 

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