Erickson Ranch February 2013


     Wow, where did February go!? It always comes to an abrupt end, maybe it's natures way of rushing towards spring. Although we haven't had much of a winter yet this year, I could use a few more rainy days to hibernate without feeling like I should be doing something productive! I'll blame this late post on the rain, it was planned to post Friday, but I found myself not wanting to do much yesterday since it was so rainy and had that perfect, watch a movie on the couch feel. Today the sun peeked out, so I thought, "Oh, I guess I better do something with my life now." ;) 

     February at Erickson Ranch has a definite sunny feel. While going through the photos I took last year I noticed the color yellow appears over and over this month. From the daffodils to the fields of mustard right down to the home on the property! February begins a sneak peak into what the spring promises to bring. Flower buds on the trees begin to emerge, brave daffodils stretch their yellow heads up towards the sun, despite the cold. Ray keeps busy with preparing the orchards for the upcoming growth season and making sure the equipment is up and running and the business of the ranch is in order. It's pretty impressive watching him (and Vicky) go about their day to day business. There is so much that goes into running a successful ranch and good old fashion experience plays a key in the way they do so. Following Ray around asking questions, I was impressed at just how much he stores in his head and how in tune with the seasons of the ranch he is, to know what needs to be done. It's also inspiring to see that even with experience there is a constant need to adjust to new ways of doing certain things in our changing world. From the new way people interact socially and in business, for example using social media, to the new technologies used to make growing food more efficient and ecologically smart. Two months into our project and I was hooked. 

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