March 2014 Favorite


     I have a confession, this photo was not taken in March. I actually haven't been out shooting at all this month, heartbreaking. However it's all due to a little dumpling that will be here soon, so I am not complaining too much, haha. I completely underestimated the power of month 9 of being pregnant. It's a demanding one. It demands I have no motivation for anything unless it's dumpling related. It demands close proximity to a restroom, which doesn't really go along with the rambling spirit of my photography process. It demands I sit down a lot more, bend down or bend over a lot less and run out of breath like I ran a marathon when really I've only walked from the couch to the kitchen to get water. Because it demands I drink lots and lots of water, haha... Three more weeks until his due date. And then I have a feeling there will be an abundance of photography going on around here. Stay tuned.... 

     But I didn't want to skip March for lack of shooting, so back to the Photo a Month project... this photo is always on my mind. I have a future project centered around this awesome guy, Mr. T and his owner. I took this photo during a photo shoot in November of a friend (who is more like a little sister), her dog and her horse. We went hiking, in the hills of Vacaville. We walked her horse on a leash. Who takes their horse on a hike on a leash?! We do! It was such a fun morning, Mr. T and I became fast friends and I can't wait to photograph him again!