An Extra*Ordinary Life Project - Side by Side

Crystal  (L), Katie (R)

Crystal (L), Katie (R)

Side by side, we talk more than photograph, oo and ah over the same views, relish the journey, embrace the destination. We often photograph the same exact scenes, details, moments and yet somehow we each manage to surprise the other with the images we produce.  Side by side, artists, friends, photographic fraternal twinning at it's finest. 

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January 2014 Favorite


     Every year I think to myself, I am going to do a 52 or 365 project this year, you know... where you take a photo a week or a day (if you're super disciplined! PS you're also my hero) and share it, somewhere... be it a blog, Facebook, Instagram, etc. And every year I fail, horribly. Like I never even start. I take and make photos all year long, but I never share them. Perhaps because in my head I'm doing it, so no need to take it that extra step and share... but really, it seems better to share and have a place to look back at one image and see what inspired me at that time. It's also a great exercise in being a self editor. This is my attempt to do a monthly project. The idea is to post a favorite image from the month. I know January isn't quite over. But this is truly a fave from this month. I don't know where my fascination with cows (and farm animals in general) stems from. It may be that they can be seen almost every time I get in the car. And the environment they are in is constantly changing and sometimes can be quite picturesque. It always seems those moments are the ones I leave my camera at home, when I'm on my way to the grocery store or running an errand. I think the universe is telling me I need to bring my camera to all of my daily activities. Haha... I might need to get a smaller camera... or a bigger bag, I can hear my shoulder protesting already ;)