Collecting Fall


     I often proclaim fall to be my favorite time of year. At least that's how I feel when it finally arrives. The colors, the textures, the smells, the much needed break from the heat... I  am never sure how to celebrate my love for this time of year beyond surrounding myself with all things fall - pumpkins, mums, the browns, golds and burnt colors of the season. It always passes too fast for me, I wish it would just hang on a bit longer. Perhaps that is where my love of the season comes from, from the fleeting moment that leaves me wanting for more. I try every year to capture a little bit of the season while I can. I am a collector. Much to the chagrin of the side of me that cannot stand clutter. Today on my walk with Cooper (our dog) I decided to meet my clutter free side halfway; as we walked I began to think that all things collected don't have to be permanent, but that I can still have the fun of collecting them.  As I walked I collected pieces of nature that caught my eye. I just wanted to photograph them, and then return them back into the world. Collector, satisfied. The need to be clutter-free, satisfied. Hope you all are enjoying the onset of fall and all the beauty it brings!