Erickson Ranch June 2013 | Flowers


     I had to break June's Erickson Ranch post into two. June at the Ranch explodes with all sorts of beautiful and delicious bounty. This first post is dedicated to the flower garden. I don't even know where to begin except to say, you MUST go and walk through the flower garden and try to notice every single type of flower, don't forget to look at their leaves, the herbs, the big, the small. Did I mention it's a cutting garden? Grab some shears, a wicker basket (all provided by the ranch) follow the meandering paths and have at it! Beautiful, unique arrangements can be made by cutting flowers of all proportions from the dainty to the robust and don't forget a few of their leaves! You can add some herbs while you're at it to add to your display or to cook with! (Can you tell how excited I am by the flower garden at the ranch? So many exclamation points! haha)

     Last year for our wedding reception a few close friends and I set out to collect the most awesome array of flowers possible. Check out Crystal's blog post of our wedding, scroll down towards the bottom to see a few of the fun arrangements we made with our cuttings from the ranch. 

     Erickson Ranch is now open, they have their All Things Apricot event this coming weekend. I plan on attending to visit, grab some fruit and maybe even cut some flowers ;) 

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May 2014 Favorite

     This month has been full of baby, baby, baby. I don't think I've actually slept in 7 weeks. Our bodies are amazing that they adapt to a lack of sleep in order to take care of these new little beings! Kind of a gamble on mother nature's part, if you ask me haha... but it seems to be going mostly in her favor so far. I admit I miss going out and photographing freely, but I'm learning to look at the familiar and everyday in a new way. I ordered the Hoya close up filters for my Contax/Zeiss lens and was pleasantly surprised to see they fit my Canon 50mm as well!

     I ventured into my backyard with my new filters attached for the photo on the left, I love tri-colored sage and have it growing in bunches all over my yard, it makes a great low filler for a garden bed and is so pretty blooming or not.  

     The only thing I can say about the photo on the right is - WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME ABOUT BABY'S ELEPHANT KNEES?? Ridiculously adorable. One (of many) of my very favorite parts of baby Jack at this stage. He's losing those elephant knees now that he's 7 weeks old and getting a little filled out, so I'm glad I captured them before they were a distant memory. 

     I hope you've had a wonderful May so far. The summer is right around the corner, hot weather, bar-b-q's and lot's of activities! It will be an interesting one with new baby in tow! 

     Until next time...